Traverse Hospitality


Assistant Property Manager, Leadville

Job Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to all High Rocky Homes policies, procedures and code of conduct

  • This is a full time position.  Employee is permitted to take housekeeping cleans as a contractor up to 10 hours per week as long as this does not interfere with APM duties

  • Assist and be a support to the Property Manager with daily tasks, they will delegate tasks  

  • Fill in as PM when the PM is offline/on vacation, etc

  • Report to PM daily. If any issues arise problem solve with PM for a resolution

  • Inspect cleans, providing positive and negative feedback to the cleaning team members when needed and informing the PM of any issues that you discover

  • When needed, clean homes to get them ready for the next reservation 

  • Assist the PM in understanding inventory, keep track of what is purchased for each property & keep the supply room organized

  • Make sure cleaners are reporting any damage or stolen items from the property and following proper procedures. When doing inspections report any issues you see with the home so they can be addressed

  • Manage all incoming packages and put away/get help if assembly required

  • Support your PM with guest issues and delivering any items that a guest may need

  • Assist in responding to google chat messages

  • Mail back any lost and found items in a timely manner (once a week)

  • Complete expense reports in a timely manner (once a week)

  • Perform housekeeping and maintenance duties (light bulbs, fix door hinges, unclog a toilet, etc) when needed and report them in Guesty.

  • Traveling between worksites is frequent and will need their own reliable transportation. 

  • Keep up to date on guest reviews, implement improvements when needed, and strive for positive reviews

  • Computer work will be necessary, there will be one in the office for team members

  • Laundry – this should be a shared chore amongst the other Assistant Property Manager (approx 6-10 hours of laundry per week, per full time person)

  • 30 + hours per week

  • $36,000 a year

  • Includes medical insurance (half paid by HRH)