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The Best Way to Explore Leadville

Leadville, Colorado is one of the only mountain towns that has kept its historic charm throughout the years. There are so many amazing places to visit when you come to this historic gem, so we’ve narrowed down the best places to go to have the best experience possible.

Leadville Fish Hatchery

Leadville National Fish Hatchery Established in 1889, it’s the second oldest fish hatchery in operation today. The hatchery grounds occupy 3,072 acres of clean, cold water that creates the perfect environment for growing trout. Take quarters with you to feed the fish, otherwise it’s a free outing. Great place to take kids!

2846 Highway 300, Leadville. 719-486-0189

Open everyday 7:00 – 3:30

House with the Eye Museum

House with the Eye Museum Built in 1879, some say the eye was put there to curse State Street (the red light district), or maybe it was just unusual stained glass. Either way it’s a must see!

127 W. 4th St, Leadville. 719-486-0708

Matchless Mine

Matchless Mine Mayor Horace Tabor purchased this “dud of a mine” in 1879, but quickly turned it into one of the richest silver mines of its era — that is, until silver prices dropped leaving the Tabor family penniless. The Tabor story is a big part of Leadville’s growth and history.

Co Rd 3, Leadville. 719-486-1229

Hours; Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 – 4:45

Guided tours @ 12:00, 1:30 & 3 June-Sept. $12 guided $6 unguided.

Tabor Opera House

Tabor Opera HouseThis national treasure was built in 1879 by Horace Tabor in just 100 days. The opera house brought civilization, arts and culture to this remote, rough little mining town. It’s currently being renovated and rehabilitated (a $15 million project) but don’t worry, you can still tour the site today!

308 Harrison Ave, Leadville. 719-486-8409

Healy House Museum and Dexter Cabin

Healy House Museum and Dexter Cabin This house, originally built by a mining engineer, has been restored to a period between 1878 and 1910. Step back in time, see how life was in the late 1800’s when both of these houses were built.

912 Harrison Ave, Leadville. 719-486-0487

Friday & Saturday 10-2

National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum

,National Mining Hall of Fame Museum This museum holds more than 250 stories of men and women who achieved lasting greatness in mining and natural resources. Visit it to learn more about the mining boom of Leadville’s past.

120 W. 9th St, Leadville. 719-486-1229

Hours; 9:00 – 4:45 daily

Leadville Railroad

,Leadville Railroad Take the 2 ½ hr, 19 mile train trip into San Isabel National Forest and learn the history of these rugged mountains! The beauty is breathtaking and cold (no matter the time of year) so make sure to take your camera and a coat!

326 E.7th St, Leadville. 719-486-3936

Mt. Massive Golf Course

Mt. Massive Golf CourseWith an elevation of 10,000 feet, this is the highest golf course in North America!

259 CR-5, Leadville. 719-486-2176

Open daily 7-8

Camp Hale

,Camp HaleAn U.S. Army training facility in the 1940s, it became known as the 10th Mountain Division Memorial, and is now a U.S. National Historical landmark.

Located on Highway 24 between Leadville and Red Cliff.

Evergreen Cemetery

Mt. Evergreen CemeteryEstablished in 1879, the majority of the beautiful headstones and iron fences have withstood over a 100 years of Leadville’s harsh winters. This is a beautiful, peaceful place to walk.

Located on McWethy Dr. & James St, Leadville.

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