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The Mountain Hideaway Lodge: A Turnaround Story

The Mountain Hideaway Lodge, formerly known as “Ed & Peri’s Mountain Hideaway” used to be owned and operated for decades by Ed & Peri, two of Leadville’s favorite locals. Being one block from Main st, The Mountain Hideaway was frequented by tourists looking for a place to repose while driving through. During holidays the home was frequently rented out in its entirety to families and friends.

Towards the end of their tenure in Leadville, CO, Ed & Peri were only renting out the entire home to returning customers. They had retired and were looking for new operators to take over The Hideaway Lodge. In November of 2018, Alex Haler and Nadim Tannous purchased this 10 bedroom home with the vision of renovating and operating it as a modern lodge.

Prior to the acquisition, occupancy levels were at less than 20%. After the turnaround, occupancy levels averaged 61% and revenues increased by 500%.

The “green room” used to be a kid’s room with an old couch and many knick knacks on the walls. It has been converted into a zen sauna room (see before and after photos below)

The living room now boasts a pool table/dining table combo with a ping pong topper that suits the entertainment needs of guests:

A key addition to the house that is a guest favorite is of course, the hot tub!

The goal is to continually improve the home and make upgrades so that guests can keep coming back and enjoy the place more and more.

All of the bedrooms have been renamed after the great national parks across the United States and have their own keypad locks, giving guests the security and keyless entry that is needed. All the beds/ mattresses, sheets, towels, etc. have been updated as well.

The Mountain Hideaway has and will continue to be a staple for Leadville!

Check out all of the updates on The Mountain Hideaway website and make sure to check the calendar and book directly on the website to save on commissions and fees for any High Rocky Homes vacation rental:

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